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Research has shown that postpartum support, including emotional, practical and informational support is crucial for ...


Research has shown that postpartum support, including emotional, practical and informational support is crucial for maternal well-being.

That's why I created the 'Planning For Postpartum' webinar, to provide the practical and informational support, guiding pregnant mamas or new mamas through their postpartum period. 

The webinar covers all the essential topics that new mothers should be aware of, and runs for 1 hour.

In the recorded webinar, I discussing specific blood tests, supplementing with the right doses and forms of supplements, how to treat postpartum mood concerns, such as anxiety and depression, and what type of practitioners and appointments are essential for postpartum recovery.

My webinar also delves into the importance of avoiding postpartum depletion, fixing iron-deficiency/anaemia post-birth, c-section recovery and postpartum thyroiditis.

I have designed this 1-hour webinar to provide you with all the knowledge you need to prepare for postpartum period in a way that will make a positive difference to your experience. By being informed and prepared, you'll be able to achieve a smoother postpartum period, with the physical and mental support you need to take care of your new baby.

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

-Specific blood tests that are important in the postpartum period

-Supplementation guidelines for new mothers including ideal forms and doses, especially those specific to prevention of postpartum depression

-Naturopathic treatment options to help address postpartum mood concerns like anxiety and depression

-Identifying what type of practitioners and appointments you will need

-Importance of avoiding postpartum depletion and recovery from c-sections

- Treating Iron-deficiency/anaemia post-birth

-Postpartum thyroiditis, how to identify it and it's medical and natural management

It’s important to note that postpartum care is just as important as prenatal care, and it's essential to prioritise your postpartum recovery.

By attending this webinar, you’ll walk away with the confidence that your postpartum will be as smooth and supported as possible. Together, we’ll ensure that your physical health is in order, enabling you to cope better with the emotional ups and downs of new motherhood.

So, get your copy of the webinar today with instant download, and take the first step towards a positive and healthy postpartum period, for you and your baby.  

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