Health Professional Directory

Here is our list of our trusted and recommended health professionals in their specific trained areas. 

Sleep consultant - Tara, The Gentle Sleep Specialist

Lactation consultant IBCLCJoelleen Winduss Paye, JWP Lactation

Sick Little Ones - Snotty Noses 'Snotty Boss'

Private Midwife - Kate, Grow Birth Mother

Postpartum doula - Jess, Nurtured Postpartum. Molly, Hold The Mother

Women's Physiotherapists - Womankind Physiotherapy 

Mothering Support - Katie Parker

Pregnancy Osteopath - Bulleen Osteopathy 


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Joelleen is a holistic lactation consultant with over 13 years of experience supporting breastfeeding families. She combines her knowledge of midwifery, naturopathy and IBCLC lactation consulting to help parents feel guided and confident in their breastfeeding journey.Joelleen offers clinic and in-home consultations for parents in Melbourne, and for those outside her visit zone, she offers her services virtually. Joelleen also has breastfeeding eGuides and hosts bi-monthly online workshops to help prepare parents for breastfeeding and for life with a newborn before their baby's arrival.