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REPLAY WEBINARClient feedback: "I just watched your PCOS webinar too and I definitely learnt so much more than what a...



Client feedback: "I just watched your PCOS webinar too and I definitely learnt so much more than what any other doctor has " tried" to explain to me. "

"Thank you very much for such a comprehensive webinar on PCOS."

This webinar is designed to provide an overview of the syndrome and how nutrition and lifestyle can help patients and clients living with PCOS.

Are you tired of being told that the only solution to your PCOS is the oral contraceptive pill, and that you require IVF to conceive? 

Have you been searching for a natural solution to your PCOS symptoms?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, this is the webinar for you - designed specifically for women like you who want to treat their PCOS naturally, with regular cycles, with all those pesky PCOS symptoms gone. Like jawline acne, excessive hair growth, insulin resistance and so on. 

Join us for a 60-minute webinar hosted by Melanie who has helped hundreds of women with PCOS achieve regular cycles, reduce insulin levels, ovulate regularly, and fall pregnant naturally.

During this webinar, you will learn about the lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements, and natural remedies that can help you manage your PCOS symptoms. Our naturopath Melanie will share her expertise and provide actionable tips that you can implement right away to start seeing results.

You'll also have the opportunity to ask questions and get personalised advice from our naturopath, so you can feel confident in your ability to take control of your health.

Here's what you can expect to learn during the webinar:

  • The underlying causes of PCOS and how to address them with lifestyle, diet, nutritional and herbal supplementation. 
  • Blood tests to get and optimal levels
  • The role of nutrition in managing PCOS and the best foods to eat and avoid
  • The benefits of specific supplements for PCOS and what the research says
  • How to track your menstrual cycle and identify ovulation to increase your chances of falling pregnant naturally

And much more!

We understand that PCOS can be a frustrating and overwhelming condition to deal with, but we believe that a natural approach can be incredibly effective in managing symptoms and improving your menstrual cycle.

By attending our webinar, you'll gain the knowledge and tools you need to take control of your PCOS and achieve optimal health.

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