Why EverNatal contains no iron

Why EverNatal contains no iron

Unlike virtually all other prenatals, EverNatal doesn't contain any iron. And this was done very purposefully (we made IronBiotic as a separate supplement). And here's why we have gone against the grain by excluding iron from our formulation...

- Iron should be taken individually, as it's own separate supplement. The reason is that it doesn't absorb well with zinc or calcium supplements, or caffeine. Leaving us to wonder if iron and zinc are in a capsule together, how much of that are we actually absorbing? If you are taking an iron supplement, here is our best tips to maximise absorption.

- Iron should be taken every second day. If it's within a prenatal, that means you will be taking your iron daily keeping hepcidin high always. Read our blog on hepcidin here.

- There are some people that will not need extra iron, and having it within a prenatal that they are taking will mean this un-needed iron will circulate throughout their body as oxidative stress. Those that won't need extra iron are those with great iron status, have had a recent iron infusion, or have haemochromotosis.

- For some sensitive people, any iron form is constipating. Taking it daily leaves them at risk of constant constipation, and if it's within a prenatal it's going to be risking daily constipation. 

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