Tips on taking IronBiotic

Tips on taking IronBiotic

Supplements are nice but it's even nicer-er to know how they fit into your life...

Tips on taking IronBiotic.

✿ Its best to take 1-2 IronBiotic capsules (depending on your iron levels) every 2nd day. Your liver has a mechanism where it prevents too much iron from being absorbed into the body, and it produces an iron inhibitor called hepcidin, which lasts in the body for approx 2 days. Taking iron supps every 2nd day will bypass this mechanism and therefore increase iron absorption through the gut!
If you see a practitioner, let them guide this dose for you.

✿ Iron is best taken on an empty stomach, however it can cause nausea for some! I take mine right before bedtime as there's less food in there but enough for me not to feel yuck.

✿ Iron supps don’t absorb well when taken with caffeine, green tea, calcium supplements and zinc. It is best to space out your IronBiotic to these products by at least one hour!

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