Why We Developed Our Prenatal Vitamins

Why We Developed Our Prenatal Vitamins

I first founded the Natal Naturopath in 2018 as I wanted to bring together a team of qualified, Australian naturopaths who had a special interest and passion for the health of women and mothers. The Natal Naturopath was created as I was continuously seeing mama’s fall through the cracks as there was a huge gap between baby-care and mother-care.

Unfortunately I was also seeing time after time women coming to me with deficiencies despite the fact they were taking supplements. After needing iron supplements myself I found myself unsatisfied with what was out there. Such as  low-absorption nutrient forms, lower dosages than required and forms that cause constipation or nausea. This is what inspired me to create supplements that actually do what you want them to, with high-quality ingredients and be able to be purchased in an easily accessible way.

So in 2022 the The Natal Naturopath supplement range was birthed - supplements made by a woman, for women. 

Our ethos 

With our supplement range, our ethos is simple. 

High-quality ingredients + optimal doses for nourishment = supplements that actually do what they are supposed to do.

Our main objective is to make thoughtfully, obsessively created, stringently formulated supplements. When we designed our range we wanted to ensure we took the time and perfected our products so we could offer women the most effective supplement. There is absolutely no cutting corners when it comes to the health and development of babies therefore for our pregnancy supplements we have used ingredients that are high quality and implemented stringent safety protocols. Our Australian made prenatal supplement, EverNatal has been designed for you to take before, during and after pregnancy with our Iron supplement, IronBiotic.

What makes EverNatal different from other Australian prenatal supplements?

EverNatal is not just a prenatal supplement, and that’s it’s key difference. This supplement has been developed to be taken during your whole pregnancy journey from preconception to post natal. Before creating EverNatal I was tired of seeing prenatal supplements that didn’t offer enough key vitamins and nutrients to women and their babies therefore women were having to take more supplements on top of what they were already taking. That’s why I have ensured the best quality ingredients at the optimal doses such as choline and methyl-folate. EverNatal has a range of benefits for both women and their babies and supports preconception health, maternal health, healthy foetal development, breast milk production/lactation. 

Why should I choose The Natal Naturopath supplements over other brands? 

It’s all good news here! If you are wanting more reasons why our prenatal supplements and iron supplements are simply amazing, let me fill you in on other key benefits our supplements offer. We have ensured no one misses out on these benefits...
That's why our products do not contain any animal products and are allergen free.
Yep, that means no tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, and gluten with our supplements being packaged sustainably and manufactured right here in the beautiful state of Queensland, Australia. 

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