What should men be doing to prepare for conception?

What should men be doing to prepare for conception?

The journey to parenthood is an exciting and life-changing experience, one that often begins with conception. While women's health and preparation for pregnancy receive a lot of attention, it's important to remember that men play a crucial role in the process too! To ensure a healthy and successful conception, there are several things that men should consider and take care of before taking that important step.


Here are some lifestyle tips your partner should be incorporating:

- quit smoking and vaping!

- have a healthy exercise routine (not too much/not too little)

- obtain a healthy BMI and waist circumference

- no hot spas, saunas or baths

- reduce stress levels

- reduce exposure to environmental hazards, including heavy metals, pesticides, solvents etc

- reduce exposure to radiation (mobile phones!)

- take a good quality preconception vitamin


In terms of dietary considerations, we want to include oily fish, good quality protein, antioxidant rich foods, and overall we want to be consuming a whole-food diet. Limiting certain foods, such as saturated fats, alcohol, caffeine, and high-energy diets (if overweight) is important as this can disrupt hormone levels!


Prioritising your overall health and making dietary and lifestyle changes will not only increase your chances of conception but also set the stage for a happy and healthy start to parenthood. Remember, the path to fatherhood begins well before conception, so start preparing today!


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