The root causes and natural treatments of eczema in children

The root causes and natural treatments of eczema in children

Eczema in children - by our naturopath Alexis

Eczema is a chronic inflammatory condition which affects up to 30% of children in their first few years of life. 
While there are genetic components, diet and lifestyle factors play a big part in your child developing eczema.


So what are the common drivers of eczema in children?


What sorts of skin products (soaps, body wash, shampoo/ conditioners, Lotions) and home products (washing detergent, cleaning products, dishwashing liquids) are you using? These often contain high levels of chemicals, alcohols, detergents and fragrances- all of which are NOT skin friendly.


which don’t allow the skin to breathe found in clothes and bed linens. Wool and synthetic materials, such as polyester and nylon, can cause overheating, sweating and irritation. Breatheable fabrics include cotton, silk and bamboo.


Diet is often a trigger for eczema due to its links to immune system. Dairy, gluten and sugar are common culprits for eczema, however we want to avoid eliminating these foods long term in little ones, so best to do this under the guidance of a trained professional.


Is there bloating, daily bowel movements, consistency of the stool (hard to pass/too loose), mucous in the stool (sticky when wiping or stringy bits in the nappy). The gut is HIGHLY linked with eczema and often gut repair is a great place to start. It's usually the root cause. ​​​​​​​​


Are you bathing your baby or child too much? When dealing with eczema, the less you bathe them, the quicker it will heal! ​​​​​​​​

So what do we also want more of?
Sun exposure, or supplementing with children's vitamin D is great for skin healing and regulating the drives of eczema (immune cells)
Essential fatty acids found in foods like fish, seeds, nuts & avocado (can be passed through breastmilk too) or supplementing with children's omega-3s. 
Zinc rich foods found in oysters, meat, cheese, pumpkin seeds and fruits and vegetables.
Anti inflammatory foods - such as raspberries and blueberries - eat the rainbow 🌈 🍎 🥗

And if you need extra support with this, you can book an appointment Alexis with who can create a personalised eczema prescription and plan - book with Alexis here.

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