The Oral Contraceptive is Depleting You of These Nutrients!

The Oral Contraceptive is Depleting You of These Nutrients!

Long term use of oral contraceptive pills (OCPs) can significantly alter the body's nutrient balance. Multiple studies, including reports by the World Health Organisation, have highlighted the clinical importance of understanding how OCPs affect the metabolism of essential vitamins and minerals.


Some interesting facts about the OCP:

- Women on the OCP have been consistently found to have lower blood levels of B6 and B12 compared to non-users.

- The absorption of folate and selenium have been shown to be impacted by the pill.

- Zinc, Phosphorus, and Magnesium: Decreased serum concentrations of these minerals have been observed in OCP users, with the extent of reduction often correlating with the duration of contraceptive use. So the longer you take the pill, the worse your levels could be. This could potentially impact fertility prospects, and leave women walking into their conception phase with little nutritional stores.


Given these findings, a proactive approach is recommended for those using OCPs. To prevent potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies it is really important to consider appropriate dietary supplements with your practitioner, which could significantly mitigate the risk of nutrient-related complications associated with long-term OCP use!


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