Sore breasts before my period - what are the causes?

Sore breasts before my period - what are the causes?

I've had my fair share of sore boobies, in that week leading up to my period, and I know so many of you live with this monthly. From ovulation until right before our period, our breasts usually will be at their biggest, and this can mean their sorest! If it's something minor that doesn't bother you much, then this is okay and doesn't need anything done. However if you are someone that struggles to get a bra on, have anyone touch them, or exercise - you may want to look into treating this. 

What causes sore hormonal breasts?

- higher oestrogen (relative to progesterone) - referred to as oestrogen dominance

- progesterone deficiency

- low iodine

Have a think about this scenario, if stress levels are high in a particular month this will mean high cortisol. High cortisol usually always means lower progesterone, and cue sore breasts and PMS, even spotting before your period. So this happens for me, when I'm extremely stressed my hormones take the first hit and I'll get such sore boobs and horrific PMS. So what is causing my stress is technically the lower progesterone, but it is really being driven by high cortisol. 

As you would have guessed I would say - getting a practitioner to sort this out for you is really important as you don't want to be stabbing in the dark without proper investigation. You might take iodine, but it's not low iodine causing it for you, it's the oestrogen excess - or vice versa!

One of my favourite herbs for oestrogen excess is chaste tree!

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