If you are exhausted with a dash of overwhelm, are you also....

If you are exhausted with a dash of overwhelm, are you also....

So through my clinic, I see a lotttt of women. Women on so many different paths of life, with so many different health concerns. But a lot of them have a few things in common. Usually it's exhaustion and nervous system overwhelm (stress). And from the outside, there are some really clear things in their lifestyles that they all have in common. 

So here they are... does any of this ring true for you too?

- goes to sleep too late - tired but wired from mind racing

- wakes up feeling like you haven't slept

- coffee on an empty stomach, eats breakfast (usually toast) whilst running around in the morning

- limiting food to lose weight, but not losing weight anyway

- exercising, usually HIIT, doesn't feel much better for it, body composition isn't changing like expected and feel exhausted later after class

- a constant mental load that never lessens

- if sits down for too long, could fall asleep

- forgets to drink enough water

- usually yearning for a second coffee

- priorities everyone else all day

- often feels overwhelmed with so much to do, to-do list never grows shorter

- easily irritated and anxious most of the day

- absolutely exhausted by school pick up


This picture screams
- adrenals being over-worked
- nervous system in permanent flight or fight mode/survival mode
- cortisol issues
- a thyroid that either is underfunctioning or will be soon

Not to mention, not fully enjoying your life. Because, how could you feeling like that?
These issues above, we can absolutely sort out within an appointment with one of our practitioners. But, I can't leave this post without some quick tips to help you!!

✿ Never have coffee for breakfast. Breakfast needs to be more than just toast. Porridge, eggs, smoothie, breakfast carrot & blueberry cake (from @jessica_prescott_ vegan one-pot recipe book)

✿ Don’t skip meals, ever! Make sure you have protein and fats in all of your meals. If you're struggling to get fat in, drizzle olive oil over whatever you are eating, or add 1/2 avocado. Handful of macadamias and walnuts.

✿ Kick HIIT training (for now), it won't be serving you at all if you are in this state & likely worsening things from cortisol spikes.

✿ Don’t eat whilst running around, sit down and chew properly & slowly. This encourages digestive juices to fire up, and actually digest food better. The better it's been digested, the more energy you'll yield from it.

✿ Have a drink bottle to take with you around, @frankgreen_official 1L drink bottle. Drink as close to 2L daily.

✿ Have a peanut butter & banana protein smoothie at school pick up time to get you through the evening slog. I use @bulknutrients protein powder.

✿ Go to sleep by 9.30pm, strictly!!!! Scrolling on instagram past your bedtime will never do you any good! If your mind is racing, you need to wind down for longer before bed and write down what's on your mind into a to-do list so you can put that thought aside.

✿ Have magnesium daily. I promise you, this is a game-changer. Think more energy, less anxiety. Your stress levels will go down too. You'll cope better with stress. Hells yes.

✿ Blood test - iron studies, FBE, Vitamin B12, folate, Vitamin D, TSH, T3, T4 to check if any physical health issues are contributing.

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