Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial Vaginosis

What are natural treatments of bacterial vaginosis?

​​​​​​​It can be scary when things pop up that you didn’t know about, don’t know how to treat and where to go. And there is a lot of shame and stigma around vaginal health. But not here.

🍑 BV is the most common vaginal condition in women aged 15-44.
🍑 Symptoms include: pain, itching, burning, white or grey discharge, a strong odour.
🍑 BV is caused by 'Gardnerella vaginalis' or 'Atopobium vaginae' - a bacterial overgrowth in the vagina. This is different to thrush which is an overgrowth of yeasts.
🍑 Common causes: unprotected sex, over-sanitation of the vagina with conventional cleaners + douching, an imbalance of the vaginal flora with good species in lesser amounts allowing pathogenic bacteria to flourish.

🌼The good news is, there are many options for treatments and prevention! It’s often a lot to do with the vaginal microbiome and the native species of bacteria that live there. It’s a delicate place and we have to maintain pH and microbiome where we can.

Conventional treatment often results in BV reoccurrence within 2-3 months.

🫶naturopaths can help by prescription using intra-vaginal anti-bacterial herbal creams/pessaries and specific vaginal probiotic strains to re-establish the flora. We want to support the long-term health of your vaginal flora.

Our naturopath Bella is our vaginal guru, and she can make personalised prescription plans, including creams, to treat your vaginal concerns. Book with her here. 

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