Is your bedroom the right energy and space for your best quality sleep?

Is your bedroom the right energy and space for your best quality sleep?

I wanted to talk this week about your sleep environment, your place of rest. I'm a big believer in the energy and also the functionality of a room. You know those rooms where you just walk in and you feel off, the energy is off. We really need the energy/vibe of the room to align with us. And especially so where we spent such a huge amount of time like our bedrooms. I truly think that our bedroom environment can either be conducive or inhibitive to our sleep. And we all know the health outcomes from a lack of sleep or poor quality sleep. Lack of attention, focus, memory, hormonal problems, lack of cognition, lower mood... on and on. We want to maximise our sleep whereever possible!


Do you like the energy of your bedroom?

Do you feel calm and at peace in your bedroom?

Or is it cluttered and energetically cramped?

Does your bed and pillow actually aid in a good quality sleep, or are you uncomfortable, shuffling around to find a good spot, waking up with sore necks?

Is your doona making you wake up in the middle of the night from feeling cold, or kicking it off in a sweat?

Do your sheets let your skin breathe?

Is your room aired regularly to keep it fresh and stay away the musty bedroom smell? Do you make sure you open the curtains wide every day to get sunlight in?

It might be time to shake things up. I was struggling with my pillow from months, before i finally realised I'm just going to get a new one. I literally do not know why i didn't think of it any earlier, but i was waking up with sore necks, turning side to side during the night to find a supportive position for my head. I just kept putting up with it! And so it got me thinking, how these small things can really add up to either an amazing sleep or a really crappy one. 

Especially for anyone pregnant reading this, you are going to (hopefully, because I want you to be resting!) spending a LOT of time in your bedroom. Is it a room you love to be in? Is it actually a comfortable & restful place for you? What about the colours, are you putting your favourite colours around? Do you have soft glowy lamp instead of bright harsh lighting to turn on? Are you opening the window up daily to get the fresh air in? Is the overnight temperature okay, we want it on the slightly colder side for better quality sleep. Think about whether it's time to upgrade in a good quality doona, supportive memory foam or latex pillow, luxurious sheets. These things are worth their weight in gold. 

My old mattress was actually *killing* my lower back, and it also took me a while to make the connection that my back was shocking and it was directly the fault of my very unsupportive old mattress. New mattress, new Melanie. Not exaggerating. 

Here are where my bedroom items are from if you need any inspo!
  • Mattress - Sleeping Duck
  • Pillow - Ecosa
  • Quilt cover - feather goose and duck down from Target
  • Flax linen bedsheets - Bed Threads
  • Quilt covers - i love colours so i have beautiful bright linen covers from Sage and Clare, Castle & Things, Adairs, Bed Threads
  • Lamp - a salt lamp
  • Also have a Eco diffuser that i pop lavender oil into
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