Heartburn during pregnancy

Heartburn during pregnancy

Ever experienced heartburn? I did with Willow, it was horrific from 37 weeks onwards!


It looks something like…

- Burning in the sternum

- Pain in upper abdomen

- Indigestion

- Difficulty swallowing and regurgitation

- Chronic cough

- Sore throat


Heartburn is extremely common during pregnancy, with estimates that up to 80% of women experience it at some stage! The severity of heartburn increases during pregnancy and generally resolves itself after birth. This may a result of increasing upwards pressure on the stomach caused by a growing babe!


Heres some tips for managing heartburn:

1. Eating small, frequent meals

2. Chewing food well

3. Avoiding caffeine, tomatoes and chocolate (I know its hard but its worth it!)

4. Avoiding drinking anything in large amounts with meals

5. Avoid eating within a few hours of bedtime

6. Avoid drinking peppermint tea / eating peppermint (lowers oesophageal sphincter)

7. Chewing gum 30 minutes before meals – to aid in saliva production and alkalise the oesophagus (reduces acidity)

8. Apple cider vinegar diluted in water after a meal

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