Unexpected weight gain; 5 causes that have nothing to do with calories or exercise

This episode is the one that fitness guru's on instagram won't want you to be listening to, and they certainly aren't talking about.
I’m really sick of seeing weight loss experts reporting weight loss is simply LESS CALORIES + MORE EXERCISE. It perpetuates the entire toxic diet culture.
This is setting people up for complete disappointment, not to mention feeling like shit whilst you are starving yourself and running yourself into the ground with exercise!
Yes for some, it really can come down to over-eating or not moving their body enough, but for so many of you - you do these things... and you lose ZERO weight. And you're like huh?! I thought I needed to just eat less and exercise more.
Why aren't I losing weight?
Losing weight can be MUCH more complex with lots of things to consider; and we must remember to have compassion for our bodies as we are all biochemically different.