Burnout, exhausted and overwhelmed; my own experience and practical tips

Burnout, exhausted and overwhelmed; my own experience and practical tips

Are you exhausted with a dash of overwhelm? Is your mind always racing? Going to bed wired but tired, and waking up exhausted? A constant mental load that never lessens? Go-go-go all day long? If a handful of these are true for you - there's no doubt you are sick of feeling like this.

In this first episode of the new season, I go through why I paused the podcast last year, and how I was teetering on the edge of burnout. I also needed to reassess why I was always so goddamn busy. Like who is this serving? Certainly not me or my family. My life was so busy it was passing by me. I talk about how I felt I was being spread so thin between both my mothering and my business, and how putting in better boundaries and cutting down on work aided this - but I go through my most important practical tips that you can implement tomorrow to shift you out of that overwhelmed and exhausted state that so many women are in.

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i'm back i am back recording episodes for my podcast after a bit of a re vamp had a really long hiatus of podcasting for those of you that have been following along but i'm back and i'm going to be committing to this podcast now but you know last year when i was doing this podcast you know that point in your life when you feel like you are dropping a lot of balls

and you have to figure out which ones you can afford to draw in order to keep the important glass ones up so to me this podcast was a plastic ball that i could afford to drop for a while when the launch of my supplement range was was coming up which was october last year to those and twenty two literally all hands were on deck for that and a lot of my energy needed to be conserved for my girls and then making sure the supplements were launched properly


Tnn (01:00.960)

there was so much involved in launching the supplements but that's another episode in itself if anyone is interested in my behind the scenes business stuff i could definitely record an episode on that but you know in reonreflecting for last year actually really felt like i was teetering on the edge of burn out and to me i think the biggest cause was that my


Tnn (01:30.960)

i had way too much stress going on and so a lot of you can relate to home life feeling stressful so my twins if anyone you know if anyone knows them and knows me they are very stressful children they i don't know if it's the nature of having two toddlers at once if it's their personality and i would classify them as high sensitivity so you know in that like dandy line and


orchard is that the one there's like a dandy lion and orchard analogy i would classify willow as a dandy lion and the twins as orchards but at that's a funny little analogy about the sensitivity of children and anyway so you know home life is stressful i'm the main parent the main home keeper the main amin person the main everything i do all


pick up some drop off you know i do everything everything all the bedtime like everything is me now a portion of that is just that the girls just want me to do all of that and if i end up trying to pass it over to scott there's just huge emotions and it's not even worth it you know i'm the only one that gets up over night i'm the only one that gets up in the morning for them and then i'm also the primary earner and so my business is massive it's busy and it's i'm very grateful for that


but it was getting nuts last year because work was so stressful it was just getting a little bit out of control and i'm only one person and i've done certain things since then that have helped immensely but back if i reflect you know on the second half of last year the boundaries in my business weren't tangible i didn't have enough support i wasn't outfacing of i was doing so much stuff on


i was overworking running myself really rugged and then not being able to enjoy or even be present in the time that i had with my girls so i then felt physically horrible you know and i wasn't looking after myself because i just it was sort of survival mode really last year and then i got a blood test on and some of you remember i posted about it in my iron levels were dangerously low and so amazing levels and i was getting sick a lot and i was just


xhausted and you know i know that's not normal but i just kept pushing through like you know what i've just got to see the finish line supplement launch i've just got to see the finish line for when the girls and we alway finished up their term of school and kind and then i can relax um so anyway blood test confirmed to me i felt really at rock bottom to be honest with you and then to me my main issues were actually that look i can't change my home life a great deal it is what it is got where


full time out of the house he's a shift worker and he gets a lot of over time so i can't change that although we spoke about him maybe going part time soon but anyway anyway last year i couldn't change that i can't change i have three kids and i cannot change the twins and their high sensitivities and the fact that the matter is they are very much there a lot of work like a lot a lot of work so i couldn't change that


Tnn (05:01.300)

you know i have three kids that need pick ups and drop off and i don't have much family support i only have my mom and she's one person and she has vibramelje so i can't you know i can't lean on her a great deal i do she's very helpful but i can't lean on it too much is what i more meant anyway so i looked at my plate and it was overflowing and i thought i need to take some things out of this i need to unpack my back pack


it's actually drowning me this mental load of things anyway so my main issues when i looked at what i could actually work on was my work and thankfully i have the privilege to do so where i can cut back at work so i made the decision to only consult with clients one day week instead of two which is a really big decision for me because i have a big client base and i knew that that meant the weight time would get extended but i just had to do it was not giving


i was not doing a good enough job in the important part of my life like mothering that is of the utmost importance to me and i wasn't doing a good enough job there i was spread way too thin and so i also took five weeks off over christmas and new year and that was just the breather that i needed my gosh so yeah so consulting one day week i took a huge chunk of time off the end of the last last year obviously treated my low iron and losing and that that obviously made a difference


i was copying because if i'm physically unwell i'm not coping at all ever i also i got a cleaner and she's she's now coming weekly sometimes fortnightly sorry weekly and sometimes twice weekly as well but you know i also i started to think to myself like what is why am i always so busy what's going on here like who is this serving it's not serving me it's not serving my family my life was


so busy last year honestly felt like it was passing me like a steam train and i really started to understand about myself that my self worth is very much tired to my productivity and so i don't feel very good about myself unless i'm achieving and i'm pushing myself and i'm setting another goal and then i'm achieving that and growing and always furthering myself and that's a problem you know it wears me out significantly and i don't do nothing


ever i always am doing something like i realized i was working every single night really late and i would never just watch a show or read a book i would work work work even when we're watching shows even when the girls are asleep even when i've got time without the girls i was just doing stuff constantly and it was like my brain was just completely fried and also my nervous system it actually functions really well in high stress and then


ompletely crushes and i do wonder whether i'm a little bit addicted to that high functioning so those hormones and that a donalin like that's where i feel like i functioned at my best i don't feel great when i'm doing nothing and plodding along but that's just a lesson that i need to push through but you know i'm in a different season than i was three years ago so like when i was when i look back to when i was post pardon with a tween my gosh i'm in a totally different season than that now


and then i'll be in a different season again in about a year's time when the twins start school in two thousand and twenty four and like each so each season has a challenges and its limitations and and those things that we just need to accept and those things we just can't change about that season and i really sometimes can't work out how to work and like i've gotten so far so good by separating the two of them but then work got so busy that last year it was bleeding into my home life on


my girls being a bit older now they have different needs than when they were younger you know there's no naps any more there's no just playing quietly like babbling with a toy an eight months old it is just go go go from the minute they wake up until the minute they go to sleep they also go to sleep a lot later than they used to anyway so it's just like a lack of time and really felt like work and mothering was tugging at me a lot of pressure of not doing good enough of not being present enough with the girls


Tnn (09:31.400)

and you know they say that zero to seven years that's the legacy of our lives the most important years and i do really want my girls to witness me creating and making and doing things that light me up and contributing to a healthier world for other women but i needed to put in better boundaries so that it wasn't taking away from my experience as a human and as a mother and you know when the twins were babies i had so much more time in the day to create like


they would sleep and i would work and it would just it would work really well but now they just see mom going into her phone instead of playing or connecting with them and i really want to connect so much i just i love to connect deeply with the twins and really that is because most of their life has been so hard for me i just i love the age that they're at i feel like it's like an exhale for me right now they've just turned four in december and slowness and simplicity and just being with them is actually do able survival


it was the first two years of their life like truly i can't explain to you how how hard it was on me but you know the world where living doesn't really encourage slowness does it any more and i was yearning for slowness yet so stuck in a pattern of been too busy and rushing constantly and being all the things all the time you know i just like i don't i was finished with it last year i'm like i'm done i don't want to be rushing i don't want to be busy


want to be this perceived super woman doing it all ultra busy being tired to myself worth you know i'm just so done with it and then you know being a working mummy is far harder than it should be i actually i don't know you at all i wish it was different but last year i had severe daily anxiety and stress and then when i was working being a mother was tugging at me and when i was mothering work was tugging even harder at me


Tnn (11:31.520)

and and then i started to also really miss the process of doing something for the sake of doing it i felt that convenience had actually started to take over my life but where was the enjoyment in that for me like i'm just just baking a cake from scratch where you can smell it in the oven and the girls are asking when they can is it and they're licking the spoon and then watching the whisk the eggs with their little chubby hands and like all of it and then to save time because i'm so rushed and strait know buying a cake that doesn't


any of those moments or like last year i wanted to start my parch again for the summer and i was like i don't have time i do not have time to you know there's a lot involved but i was iviously i was like i can't i don't have time but it's it's a cool value of mine like is being outside and gardening i don't know if that's a value but i just i get so much joy from that it's a real i find such beauty in it and so you know like planting


all these seedlings and my vig patches and doing composing and then standing back as river was watering it and feeling the sun setting behind us knowing that like me and the girls are going to be coming out time and time again most nights and some in of water these plants they're going to be checking for ripe tomatos and pulling off cucumbers and then putting them in the fridge and sending out the girls to pick fresh letters for dinners going out and feeding our chickens and actually enjoying it not like rushing and thinking like it's just another job in this house to do


Tnn (13:01.200)

you know the home making and the slowness of enjoying just the home making i was just racing over all of it in the name of efficiency i want to make this more quick i want to make this more convenient on a skip over that part of my life i was so damn busy i was seriously trying to out source all avenues of my daily life i was even trying to find a way to out source baking for lunch boxes and then cooking all together i was constantly buying you know sort of like post part impacts even i was buying at one point


because i'm like i can't talk i don't have the time you know scot doesn't get home in time sort's like just me and anyway but then i realized i don't want to outsuse my entire life like this is my life and i'll miss their entire childhood years at this rate and there is such joy in the simple and easy slow way of mothering and you know baking things like i at this moment where i bade i made three different sort of lunch box things lunch box things with will


and just something clicked like far out this is connective i am usually way too busy to cook with them like if they ask me like no the mess the cleaning up i'm too stressed to even consider it but well i was so happy doing this with me and i am seriously done with that sort of thing my life so that i can just push even harder and achieve more because that's all it was about for me it was like how can i add more time into my day right i'll just stop doing these things and outsausthast so i can have more time to do


Tnn (14:31.740)

work really and then i realize i'm like i'm going to make things simpler for myself i need less pressure i need less business i need less expectations on myself you know i need to use social media less i need to be on my phone less i need to be calmer and president i don't want this outside world constantly tugging at me when i have my phone around me and i can answer dams constantly or i can sort of look at the girls and go okay what could i what sort of content could i make from this like all this hustle


i like this season isn't hustling for me any more it's not running myself rugged it's actually just being a piece where i am and just being now being with my girls fully and entirely not half on instagram half listening to them now not playing with them and thinking of the next content idea the the most reason season before this was throwing a lot of energy and time into the supplement and it was like sort of like just a marathon just like limping toward the end but now that the supplements


yeah and they've taken off i can actually just breathe and breathe in the girls nd to be honest i'd actually love a business without social media it's just it's not the way the world you know i would love to live in a not busy world either where women hold absolutely everything where we hold so much of the mental load and it's just not shared i think it's making so many of us empty and lost and it's not for lack of scott effort but he's


just not here enough and so it falls on me doesn't it anyway so there's my spill about the last few months for me but anyway that i want to be i hope that those words have have sort of like you found yourself relating a little bit and found some comfort in that i'm experience things similar things to you you know i don't think you need to be running a business


to relate to what i'm saying um so yeah and a huge thing i also did last year as i stopped taking my phone places and that actually made a really big difference to my presence so i realized i am not present if my phone is on me i'm just not because it's just like ding ding ding i'll just check my emails and then i'll just respond to that and then then they respond back to me and then i must respond to that so i have a bit of a rule like i leave my phone in the car every time i go to the shops with the kids every time


o my family's house and every time i go to the park it was like those three things if i'm at the shop park or my family's house i do not have my phone on me at all and holly molly i promise you if you can do that you'll feel lighter because i felt so much lighter there was also a really good book that i read called stolen focus at the end of last year and that actually opened my eyes significantly to the damaging effects of social media and phones and technology and what


into our brains and why we feel so mentally fatigued all the time because our brains were not designed to have a million things in these open tabs and be able to scroll and see when million imports of data in one second as we go through instagram but anyway on to today's pod cast episode so this one is all about you know if your if you're feeling exhausted and overwhelmed so i'm going to just go through some little


themes i find really really common in women that are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed just to start getting you thinking like okay that's not helping me that's not serving me right i didn't realize that was contributing to this picture of completely being overwhelmed and then after that i'll go through some practical tips for you that adorable like you can implement them tomorrow so if you're feeling exhausted and a little bit overwhelmed as well you might be also going to sleep too late with your mind completely ready


but you're so so tired you just can't fall asleep i hear this a lot so that's one aspect another aspect is then from that you wake up feeling like you've barely slept and that's really not normal you shouldn't feel like that


Tnn (18:49.640)

women experiencing this burn out overwhelm picture may also be having a coffee on an empty stomach and then usually eating your breakfast and that's quite often just toast because that's all you have time to ma whilst you're running around in the morning doing everything for everyone se not even sitting down and just chugging it down you may also be limiting food to lose weight but then not losing weight anyway and then you'll be skipping meals because you're just too frankly busy


Tnn (19:19.460)

maybe you also exercising and that might look like a hit class like forty five or cross fit yet you really don't feel any better for it later in the day and then your body composition you might find isn't changing and after that initial hit of high a journal linen dolphins after class you actually are not feeling exhausted


Tnn (19:41.800)

and then you'll also be experiencing more than likely a constant mental load that never lessens and you often feel so overwhelmed with so much to do and then do least it's never growing any shorter you probably forgetting to drink enough water and then at the end of the day you look back and go ship i was so irritated and anxious most of that day and i snapped a ton and then if you sat down for too long you might feel like you could fall asleep and then usually yearning for that second coffee and you find that one


fee doesn't normally even do it for you any more and then you look back and you have been go go go all day long and then you are completely exhausted by school pick up and you have no idea how you're goin to get through that second shift until bedtime and then you find you're just wishing the night away and wishing the entire day away just to get the point of the kids into bed so like if any of this rings true for you absolutely no doubt you see your feeling like this because a portion of this was true for me last year


this whole picture screams your dreams being overworked your nervous system really sitting in flight or fight mode permanently which is otherwise known to survival mode i also hear a lot of quarters issues here as well and that's contributed to by maybe too much coffee and not enough sleep the fact that you can't fall asleep the fact that you potentially feel half dead in the morning when you're not supposed to that stress response picture where you are just so go go go your


rssholones are through the roof and then also what can happen here is a thyroid that's either under functioning or will be soon under functioning because of the pressure it's under from quartersol and not to mention how could you fully enjoy your life because you really couldn't enjoy your life could you if your feeling like that you're just your skimming over the surface of your life and you know we can absolutely help you in this picture of this is not a this is not a state human body is designed to be in and you do not have to


like that so here are my best hips for this situation number one is never have coffee for breakfast so breakfast must always be more than toast it has to have substantial nutrients in there and honestly it cannot just be cabs so if you are just having a plain bowl of porrage without anything on it or just some white bread with vergumiat that it stops now please promise me because it's not doing any favors your body will absolutely turn


through that within thirty to thirty to sixty minutes that glucose hats gone and then you'll be starting again and your blood sugar will drop so imagine our bodies as a big fire and it needs an actual log put into the fire to steadily burn through not just curb kindling that it will just burn through really quickly so some breakfast ideas would be porrage but with topping so you need to look at like i need to add at like a nut butter a need to add nuts and seeds i might add some blueberry staweberies


rasberrys anything like that they stabilize blood sugars and the great anti inflammatory foods um banana as well i like to put cheer seeds i look to put hemp seeds in mine go there's so many choices with with porrage the next one is eggs any which way you like my favorite would be definitely i like them fried personally in butter and then i'll put avocado on the side of some mushrooms or some spinage something like that it really doesn't take that long i mean i i call


Tnn (23:12.680)

like our breakfast every morning i don't tend to do the quicker breakfast to my detriment it's just because i've always been that way so ve always cooked a warm breakfast for the girls and they are so used to it that's what they expect so we're always cooking porriage were always doing eggs you know smoothes eggs and bake beans things like that even though it does take a litle bit of time i just make sure that i've started breakfast at a certain time like have it in my mind i have to really start breakfast by seven ten am otherwise you know she needs


and but i know for me and the three girls we have a good sustainable amount of energy now to get us through till lunch time and having just cares at breakfast also could contribute to anxiety it certainly does for me if i just have plain cabs breakfast i'm as anxious a f i don't know just my blood sugars smooth is always really good and then i love jessica prescott has a vegan one pot recipe book and in it has a recipe


called the breakfast cake it's a carrot and blueberry breakfast cake the recipes also in her new book life after birth anyway i make that on the regular and at last me i cook it on a sunday last me monday through to friday willow doesn't overly love it but the twins don't mind it anyway i have mine with coconut yogurt and it is so delicious it's good because you don't have to do much you just heat up in the marcwalike in the morning my next tip for you girls is don't skip meals ever ever


and if you're busy you have to eat something and then like i mention making sure you've got protein and fat and all of your meals if you're struggling to get the fat in the reason why i say you should eat fat in mostly every single meal you eat is because of the energy production benefit so we yield a ton more energy from fats than we do from proteins or curbs so for a tired mum this is just essential so yeah you could just riz olive oil over whatever it is like if you look down on it and go


i would all be okay with this your sure i just just a lot over it or you might want to add like half an hour card if it's a sweeter thing than a handful of macademias and walnuts would would do the job you know half a ten of salmon like whatever it is my next tip is kick the hat training for now it will not be serving you if you're in this state of completely stressed overwhelmed and exhausted and you know what i'm going to tell you it's going to be worsening things because of the quarters all spikes so the overall goal is too


lower your quarters a response and get your nervous system into that restful state which is the paris sympathetic nervous system will be unable to do so if you constantly have quarters ol pikes out the day and so you know hit training is a huge quarter sol spike and for someone who's overwhelmed and exhausted and burned out it's not going to be doing absolutely any favors um it will contribute to qurteonadelan circulating through your body and then switches your nervous system on into flight mode flight off


mod this can also burden your thyroid if your this already burdened training will just worse n it my next tips don't eat whilst running around it goes back to that breakfast dear we need to sit down and we need to properly and slowly now i don't always do this there are some mornings where it's like i could not possibly sit down where will be so late for school so you just try your hardest the reason why we do this is because it encourages your digestive juices to fire up and it actually means you digest your food better the better it has been died


gest the more energy you'll be yielding from it so then the more nutrition you're getting from it so think like your iron your beat of your zinc it all comes from your food saratonan the amount of caratonan you have directly correlated to how much trip an you're eating if you're not showing your food do you think the trip to fan is really getting to where it needs to go to make the eaton so so interesting my next tip is to rink is close to two leaders of water a date when you're in this state and your dehydrated you


finitely feel worse so dehydration contributes to fatigue and brain fog so we just need to make sure that were as hydrate as possible i personally have a frank green drink bottle and it's a one leader one they also sell to later ones which would be amazing it's just that it doesn't fit into my coaster in my car and it wouldn't fit into my back pack so i have a one leader but me and i take it around wherever i go i need to get better at filling it up in the morning and then finishing it by midday and then filling it up again i tend to only have a


but when i'm out of the house and then it's like glasses of water in the house but honestly then i can't keep track of what i'm drinking so i do want to get back to that right i fill up my one leader drink bottle in the morning as soon as i wake that's the only thing i drink from and then i fill it up again around twelve one o'clock and then that need to be finished by dinner time my next suggestion and this is what i do every day i have a smooth right before school pick up and that's just because i have the time to do so between work and school pick up but if you don't have the time


have it as soon as you get home from school pick up or kin pick up or whatever it is you're doing to get you through that second shift or that evening slog my favorite combo is a peanut butter banana protein movie with the bulk nutria protein powder i'll pop the recipe in a weekly news letter soon i've done it before i think i might be on my blog as well actually anyway so it's pretty much it's penabutter banana cheese seeds frozen storys almond milk ice the


the protein powder and that's a dash of sintiment and blended and holy shit it's like a desert it's so sweet that it's like not sorry i shouldn't say like so sweet but it's like a good amount of sweet that it sort of picks me up i find that i don't feel like something savory when when i'm in that sort of tired state anyway and then it's got the facts it's got the protein it's got curbs it's just the all round up it gets me through it really picks me up and then i'm completely full enough until dinner time my


next tep is you must go to sleep by nine thirty this is a strict non negotiable there's been a lot of research done around the ideal bedtime and really it's between nine thirty and ten thirty and for moms who aren't getting that sleep in who don't know what their night is going to hold who don't know what time they're gonna get waking up i stick to nine thirty i really do think that we can get so addicted to scrolling on our instagram past our bedtime it's just not doing new


single scrap of god it actually creates and this is this is a lot of what i read in stolen focus it creates your mind to be completely raising so many tubs open with so much stimulus that you'll end up needing a lot more time to one down longer before bed and then that means that you are potentially going to bed later so you really should be turning your phone off a good chunk of time before bed time or like phone off by like eight thirty nine if your bed time than in nine thirty if you feel like your mind's raising have


a paper next to you and write down everything that's on your mind because sometimes i lie in bed and i know how much i've got to get through the next day and i'm trying to make sure i remember everything and it's like take okay right i've got to organize this okay rufe's got that appointment okay hunters got this thing and that keeps me up and it keeps my mind quite stressed so writing everything down to do this next to me or my diary or whatever it is i'm like oh that's out it's done i'm not going to forget it and i can just be in peace right now


Tnn (30:41.920)

also there's a lot to be said about blue light and exposing yourself to blue light before bed and then the quality of sleep that eventuates from it that's really interesting so just trying to minimize it you know i didn't want to go spend money on blue light glasses personally i just thought it was not needed look i'm just going to turn my devices off earlier reading is just a beautiful way to wind down and i think that we as a generation of reading as a society of reading less than we used to and that's horrible like reading is just so


Tnn (31:12.560)

such a calming beautiful practice that gets our minds really inquisitive and curious and jumping from really new idea to new idea and exposing ourselves to things that we hadn't thought about i just love reading always have my next suggestion is out of any supplement have magnesium and i want you to have a daily i promise you this is a game changer for this picture of exhausted overwhelmed burned out and stressed so magnesium does so much for you i could


we have a whole episode on magnesium but what it does is it provides more energy for you more available energy moves energy around the body for you you'll have less anxiety and your stress levels will also go down and your coat better with stress as well has to do with all of the benefits it has with with qartosol but if we drink coffee which i do wear a much more risk of being a magnesium deficient in a magnesium deficient state and not to mention that australian soils eventually deplete


and of you know good amounts of magnesium nowadays so i personally take magnesium glass and ate every single day and i wasn't for a huge chunk of last year because i just got out of that routine but i'm back on it now and i really noticed that i sleep better to which then means i feel better the next day and i ate better because i'm not so tired you know my final suggestion is you need to go get a blood test this is how you're feeling and you felt like this for a while and it's just going on and on


and on you need to get a blood test so this is what i did last year for myself to i knew that it was time to get a blood test i don't love needles which is funny because they tell people to get needles all the time don't know with with my work but i knew right if there's any deficiencies going on here or my thiroids out i will not feel better these deficiencies will create lowered levels of energy they'll increase my feelings of anxiety they'll mean that


body is struggling to function well and it's not going to be able to be you know i guess in that repleted state that i wanted to feel anyway so my blood just included iron studies which i found was i was severely iron deficient my fheriton was only eight and you know if you know me i always say your first in should ideally be above fifty so that was insane to me a full blood examination were especially want to see your hemoglobin in that so to make sure you're not anemic because you know


like you could be really exhausted from your life absolutely but then there are actual causes of energy deficiency that we need to address and nemi is one of them now b twelve vitam n b twelve is another one we want to check that impact your mood that in pact energy levels same as folagte it's another really important one vitamin d vitumandd for your immune response i found i was getting sick a lot at this point so in the end my vim was amazing it was my zink that


it's quite low o getting a zinc checked is really important interestingly as well a sign that i had of losing which only figured out once i realized i had ink was my stomach was completely off i had severe mousa constantly like a pit in my stomach any time i ate the pit would feel he renders like i think severe stomach like an anxiety feeling in your stomach felt sick to my stomach really nauseous i could barely eat more than five mouthfuls


then i was done now losing is going to cause low hydrochloric acid so if we don't have enough hydrochloric acid we are not breaking our food down the feeling that you'll get is the nausea the intrgestion the feeling sick your food is just not breaking a part well and it's sitting there and it's not going to digest probably leading you to other deficiencies as well and then i was getting sick a tone which is another sign of zinc and another benefit sorry another benefit


another negative was that i had daily anxiety severe persistent anxiety and it wasn't mental anxiety it was physically my body felt very anxious and so i knew like it wasn't it wasn't as though my mind felt anxious like i would look around and go like there's no need to be anxious right now there's everything is under control everything is okay but my stomach would feel like sick sick like severe butterflies i felt like my heart was racing i felt


to rein on edge and tense all my muscles were tense anyway taking the zinc and the iron like completely gone that that feeling of physical anxiety is completely gone and it was debilitating honestly and then my final suggestion is to check your thioroid properly check your thioroid t s t three and four and if you want throidantibodys but t three and t for so so important to see is my thyroid sluggish because if it is i'm going to feel exhausted my metallism is going to be slow


you know my mental state will be lowered so it's a really important one to look for and you need to ask you doctor directly can i please add three for to that referal knowing full well that doesn't always pick up hypothioridism i got my blood test on through i screen if anyone also is interested in getting blood test you can just go in there and order your own blood test that was a long episode


so i really hope that you got something out of it i hope you can relate to me in some way and i'm sure that someone listening well because i know this is how a lot of moms feel but those were the things i did to get myself out of it a little bit and i'm in such a better place this year and yeah i i don't feel i don't feel overwhelmed as much i go through periods of stress absolutely but there's stress off and i don't feel exhausted


getting through the day any more and i don't feel like i'm drowning any more so that's such a nice way to be that's how every mom should be okay well please send me a dmoninstagram if you enjoy this episode i really love hearing from you you can also give a five star rating which really helps my podcast get shown on apple podcast and spotify to other women that really need this sort of help and if you wanted any extra help with your own


Tnn (37:42.620)

your own nervous systems your own health picture head over to my website w w w dot the needle natura path dot com dot you have a lot of digital downloads a lot of resources and i also have my online clinic so you can certainly book an appointment with either myself alexis bonny or bella my other naturapas because we all treat this stuff constantly and also were living the experience s like i i'm you know i'm teaching from a place of being in it with


because i'm also in my motherhood season and it's hard and i have the mental load and i'm juggling work so you know im not teaching from the place of above in superiority knowing knowing all my ship and not having any struggles it's literally i'm in the trenches with you guys as well so you know i think that's a really unique perspective and i find that's that's how it works best all right will i speak to you next week have a lovely time


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