Should my prenatal contain Vitamin K1 and K2?

Should my prenatal contain Vitamin K1 and K2?

Should my prenatal contain Vitamin K1 and K2? EverNatal does and here's why...


I got asked the question today
"why does EverNatal contain Vitamin K1 and K2, when other prenatals don't?"

Brill question - so i thought it should be made into a post.

✨Here is our reasoning why we included Vitamin K1 AND K2 is in EverNatal...

1. We included both forms, for their different effects in the body. Vitamin K1 is involved in blood coagulation (pretty important for a birthing mum), and vitamin K2 benefits bone and heart health. So myself and the development team strongly believed we need both in EverNatal. It is also helpful to prevent pregnancy-related osteoporosis. Even a well-balanced diet might not provide vitamin K in amounts sufficient for satisfying the body’s needs. Especially for a mama with nausea, vomiting, HE - their diet cannot possibly cover their nutritional requirements at all times.

2. We acknowledge Vitamin K doesn't transfer across the placenta very well, however because EverNatal is also for preconception AND postpartum (not just pregnancy) we have included it. If a prenatal doesn't contain Vitamin K, it may be because it is designed for pregnancy alone. But EverNatal is for the health of baby AND mama, and also for when mama isn't pregnant anymore.

3. This meta-analysis [] of 21,493 women, with their newborns concluded that maternal blood levels of K1 was shown to reduce neonatal bleeding! 😲

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