It’s Earth Day tomorrow and this is our sustainability report

It’s Earth Day tomorrow and this is our sustainability report

We are committed to navigating the challenges and complexities of the current climate with a considered and conscious approach.

In the lead up to Earth Day, it seems fitting to share what we do here at The Natal Naturopath to contributing in keeping the earth safe for our children

- our packaging for our magical herbal liquids is worm food! Yep, 100% compostable! So please pop the packaging bags inside your compost pile, or the green bin. And the left-over herbal bottles go in the yellow bin for recycling.

- our courier service, Sendle, is a carbon neutral company.

- our main office at TNN (my house!) is powered by solar panels, with double-glazed windows to minimise our energy footprint. So, our computers are being run by the sun!

- we are currently moving towards zero-plastic measuring cups for our herbal remedies

- all of our team members work 100% from home, reducing travel emissions. Fewer cars on the road means to less carbon dioxide being emitted into the air.

- Our new supplement range has sustainability at the forefront of its design. There will be ZERO plastic! From the bottle itself, to the packaging - everything will be entirely recyclable, or compostable. And can you believe, there will be 100% compostable bubble wrap?! Amazing.

- We are a paperless business

If there is anything you think we could be doing better, or if you have any sustainability suggestions, we would love to hear them!

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