15 signs of Postpartum Anxiety

15 signs of Postpartum Anxiety

If you are concerned you may have postpartum anxiety, here are some things your body might be trying to tell you.

It might be butterflies in your stomach⁠
You can't concentrate⁠
Feeling so very flat, like in a dark hole always
You are so irritable, everyone pisses you off⁠
You struggle to enjoy things
A racing mind
A particular 'thing' you just cannot stop going over and over it ⁠
You don't want to leave the house⁠
Feeling really guilty about something and you can't move past it⁠
Worrying excessively
Everyone is judging me right now⁠
You feel you can't get anything right⁠
It doesn't feel like you can get enough air in⁠
You can't sit still and just be⁠
Can't fall asleep because your mind won't let you.

❌ if you have many of these, and they are present more than they are not - it's time for a chat to a healthcare professional - it might be GP, maternal nurse, naturopath, nutritionist ✨

Here's a few things your postnatal anxiety (and depression) might be telling you...⁠

- dont starve me! Feed me every 3 hours otherwise our blood sugar levels go to low⁠
- We are deficient in nutrients, I’m craving zinc and magnesium⁠
- I'm in a depletion hole and can't get out
- Our diet is limited, we don’t eat enough variety so im lacking in things like omega-3⁠
- You are giving me too many carbs and my blood sugar levels are crashing too often
- I'm in flight or fight mode and i cannot get out
- I feel like I want to protect us right now⁠
- we are drinking way too much caffeine! ☕⁠
- Our gut bacteria garden has weeds everywhere, we need to start nourishing our garden⁠
- that baby we just had, wow they really made our hormones go crazy, I want our hormones to go back to normal please!⁠
- You don’t put us first⁠
- You are running me into the ground, I have too much on my plate
- Our thyroid is not working properly, it might be buzzing to high, or too sluggish⁠

Let's figure out which it is (and its likely a combination of many ❤️

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