Naturopath pregnancy package

Naturopath pregnancy package

I've set up a pregnancy package!! 

This is my first appointment package, and I'm really excited about it because it supports continuity of care - which can be lacking for so many women throughout one of the most monumental times of their life. 

I would love to be a part of your village. I want to support you for the entire pregnancy, and postpartum. Someone you can turn to when you have no idea what your body is doing. Ask as many questions as you want, feel seen and heard and mostly - safe.

If you're a pregnant mama, or a hopeful soon-to-be...
Maybe you're tired of...
  • Not having continuity of care with a practitioner
  • Not having enough support
  • Googling how to fix your physical health
  • Stressing about whether you're doing enough to have the healthiest pregnancy
  • Anxious about what postpartum will look like
  • Worried about how to prepare for postpartum, and so worried about avoiding postpartum depletion
  • Begging a doctor for the blood tests that you want
  • Getting told your blood tests are continuously fine
  • Floundering with all the information surround pregnancy supplements

So this is what it will be:
Whatever stage you are in the pregnancy, we start from there! (obviously the earlier, the better!)
Lots of health issues can pop up in pregnancy - and we'll have it covered
- anaemia, thyroid dysfunction, antenatal mental health, postpartum anxiety, insomnia, constipation - I've got your back.

And you'll have access to all the practitioner-grade supplements that are delivered straight to your door. 

You can rest assured with my experience of going through my own pregnancies and postpartum, and consulting with thousands of women in my clinic. 

I will organise with a referral a thorough blood test for you every 3 months of the pregnancy - this is absolutely essential to ensure we are on top of any health concerns and you are in the best physical state possible. 

At the end of the pregnancy, we will discuss how to. support. both physical and mental health as soon as bubs arrives with a postpartum kit organised to stabilise mood, hormones and avoid postpartum depletion. 

Then an appointment within the fourth trimester to support you through the transition to life with a newborn.

Nitty Gritties
6 x Telehealth consultations ($90 each)
At any stage you want, however ideally...

1 x in preconception period (making sure you are in the best physical shape possible before falling pregnant)
1 x at beginning o
f pregnancy 
1 x first trimester
1 x second trimester
1 x third trimester
1 x in postpartum


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